The Honest Way Is Best

I am writing this for You and for all of my Massage Students who found me on

We have seen what governments do. We have seen what infinite greed brings. We can do better by loving and helping and being paid a reasonable fee for our work. I am not ignorant of what goes on in China. To the contrary, I might be allowed to see reports that are blocked so that YOU cannot see them. Evil begets more evil, and pain brings only more revenge and pain.

The way out of our problems is to BE HONEST in all things and diligently work to help others. When we do this our lives change, our family and neighbors change and finally the larger community changes. Do not contribute to making our problems worse with dishonest and low moral standards. You’re too smart. I do not have to explain this to you. You know what I mean already.

Do what is of good report. Do what is spiritually uplifting. Thank and give praise to the ONE who has for Centuries told us there is only one way out. Love others, help others, treat others as you wish to be treated. If we all do this all of us will win. We’ll make our community better and make our lives better. That is your secret to success. It always has worked, it works now, and will work to keep you for the rest of your life!

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