The Instant Truth About The Hidden Gospel


St. Paul Preaching in Athens
St. Paul Preaching in Athens

Did anyone ever tell YOU that God intends to adopt you and raise you to finally mature and be like HIM?  No. They tell you about Jesus’ time and events in his life, but they skip the most important point of the Gospel. I just told it to you.

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I study prophecy intensively and am convinced; we are in the final 10-years now and there is a great falling away. Many are turning away from Christian thought and a remnant, maybe 1/2 of 1% will seek God. I am here for THEM. I’m not here about big money. Advertising keeps the website operating, pays technicians and other office staff. If I don’t get rich I don’t care.  I care only for what God wants and He will meet my needs. I don’t need very much and with His help I’ll help you and a few other friends and we’ll all get a better life.

The faithful will walk through this horror unafraid and unscathed. They’ll look to God for their strength and good health and salvation. They will not fear. YOU TOO my Dear Friend. He is right HERE inside you NOW and you can have what you want if requested under the right conditions.

You don’t put water into the freezer and say, “Oh pleeeeeze give me ice.” You know it’s cold enough to make water freeze.

In the same way, your faith and belief is the right condition.

You go to God in faith and true belief that you’ll be protected and you will be. You may not get rich but you’ll be alright and that’s what matters. We’ll get through the next 10-years and I’m certain by 2030 the game is done and Jesus The King of kings will set up HIS Kingdom on Earth and the devil and his minions will be imprisoned.

The armies of the world will be dead or dismantled. The lock smiths will be looking for new work because no one steals anymore! The normal life of love and caring for one another will return and God’s wisdom will be everywhere. Excellent teachers will be broadcasting God’s Righteous Ways so everyone can learn the right ways to live.

We’ll finally, FINALLY know what “normal” is supposed to look and feel like. It’s will be a WOWWWWwww moment that lasts for Centuries!

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