The Long Term Strategy To Kill America


Stephen Newdell

We born before 1960 make a grave error in assuming the education the younger ones get is similar to what ours was. The truth is entirely different.

A Long-Term strategy went into effect. Teacher’s colleges were purposefully “infected” with a new understanding that America had to become a Communist state and fit in with the world to create world peace and avoid a 3rd world war.

What the Illuminists really wanted was the US society to be so weak the young would unquestioningly vote for socialists. They still are working toward this goal.

Today we are shocked to see what the younger generations are believing and doing. They are doing exactly as they were taught to do! We paid no attention and now there’s little we can do about it, because the young ones are not listening to CRTV or anyone else who is “a conservative.”

They’ve been filled with platitudes that we should work toward harmony, love and equality for everyone. Of course those at the top won’t be equal, but we’ll all be Good Komrads together anyway.

The young think “Free Enterprise” is equal to Fascism. Not even close to true. Do you visit a doctor, a small drug store, a pizza shop, small sandwich shop, dry cleaner? Do you call for repairs and two young men arrive to do home repairs? Do you do business with a company with under 100 employees? These are all FREE ENTERPRISES and none of them lobby congress or pay (or even threaten) major court and government officials.

Fascism is based upon huge companies that can afford to bully government officials in the US and all over the world. Companies like Archer Daniels Midland and Halliburton actually hired (still do) “Economic Hit Men.” These men visit the top officials in international governments, foist upon them projects they won’t ever have use for, and then collect payments for these projects essentially forever. Examples: The Philippines: Manila has an unfinished nuclear power plant sitting over an earthquake fault line. They knew all along they should not build there. They built and walked away from the half-finished job including miles of electrical wiring. Manila still pays Haliburton for it. If the President had refused, he would have come to his untimely demise.

Likewise in Indonesia, huge port and electrical projects were built, 10 times bigger than the country would ever need. They’re paying for this forever.

There are similar stories in South America and the Arabias. The CIA is very good at causing revolutions and deposing good Presidents to replace them with dictators – while claiming it was beneficial for our national security and the peace of the world. Peace indeed?  

And the US Prisons: Most are privately owned. The more people they can pack into them the more profit they’ll make. List the prisoner as a potential terrorist, and leave him there for life. The federal government will pay $100,000 per year to hold him there. Of course they won’t let him go!

So now we have young people who can barely do basic arithmetic. IF they can read, they read aloud like 4th graders. I hear them on some of the instructional videos and YouTube videos. They can make videos alright but they struggle to read, and they do not think analytically. It never occurs to them that they are speaking and believing a propaganda that is designed to ruin their lives! They’re purposefully too ill educated to read and analyze news and alternative news. They admit they hate to read. On-the-street surveys prove they have no understanding of US Government or US History, or world history. Therefore they are doomed to make the same terrible blunders that have happened to other countries.

They are busy with social media, winning aPROVEal from their friends (proving they’re worthy of friendship and popularity), having sex with strangers, doing minimal work or no work, and they will pay no heed to CRTV or any other conservative medium. They are trapped in their pen and we are trapped behind our fence line. We cannot reach them and they will not hear us. They’re sure we older folks are ridiculous fools who know nothing.

What do they know of history? You should see this video.


They do not know history. They do not realize what Stalin, Lenin, and the Soviet’s did. They do not know what Hitler did. They have no idea that Pol Pot killed 25% of his nation to create pure Communism in one generation. Cambodia’s kids spied on and reported their grandparents and parents and all teachers, doctors, lawyers, finally anyone who wore eyeglasses because Pol Pot wanted all educated people dead. Millions of poor innocent people went to mass graves. Cambodia has been an economic ruin since!

CRTV and others wish and hope they can change the course of this movement but I fear it is already le faits accomplis.*

The younger generation is destined to hate all Free Enterprise, distrust anyone older than age 40, or anyone telling them they’re making a gigantic mistake. They will vote for socialists and walk directly into the crocodile’s opened mouth. The trap will close over them and at last a few of them will realize their mistake – alas too late to change the course of their lives. They’ll lose everything; freedom, joy, material comforts, choices about work, even perhaps choices about clothing, births, housing, location — nearly everything.

They may, if they live long enough, experience a Mao Zedong style Cultural Revolution the results of which will be very similar to the results of what China experienced.

If I am right, it will never be quite that way because The Christ will bring an end to all of it and the Illuminists will lose their bid for world ownership forever. But until He comes again there will be misery such as no one has ever known before and your best hope is to cling to his robe, never let go, and pray that you may escape all these terrible things.


SN 7.1.18


plural faits accomplis play ˈfā-tə-ˌkäm-ˈplē(z), ˈfe-, ˈfe-ˌta-, -ˌkōⁿ(m)-, British usually -ˈkäm-(ˌ)plē(z)

a thing accomplished and presumably irreversible

  • he charged that the members were presented with afait accompliinstead of being called to a meeting to discuss the policy change
  • —Daniel Thomases


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