The Prophesied Final Rise of Europe’s Most Devastating Power (pt 3 of 6)

Part 3 of 6                                                                                               Pages 5 and 6

If we accept geological findings and carbon dating, it may well be that hominids of some kind roamed the world even 100,000 years ago!

The arrogant and ignorant wealthy, powerful, and technically educated who know nothing of these truths or origins sniff at what I say, but indeed they make a grave and costly error and will pay dearly, passing off the scene with a groan and a whimper.

I, Dr. Newdell, am not a prophet. I don’t run a church. I am not requesting contributions. Businesses that run advertising on my website will pay for my expenses and allow me to continue what I considered to be my assigned work as I come to the closing years of this age and my lifetime.

I am self-studied in theology, which I consider an advantage, as I have not been biased by some theology professors. Though it may seem a neurosis to some, I seek to be God’s servant and at least “imagine” that I am doing as He inspires me to do. This book and the website in which it is found represent thousands of work hours, the first year and more of which paid me nothing and cost me a high price. I do this because I hope it will benefit those so self-disciplined and scholarly as willing to read, study, and discover truths others do not imagine.

God respects no one, but I believe he loves and appreciates those who seek his face, pray to hear his voice, and read and study all they can to know His Ways and do as he teaches.

Of course there are doctrinal debates about everything imaginable. I’m not going to tell you that you must become a vegetarian. A nice idea but I’m not certain it is required. I will only say you should read, study, and pray about any questions you have. For the present, The Internet opens a huge library to us. Nearly anything you dare to ask has one or 6 –million answers available to us in under .85679 seconds! If that isn’t like something out of an ancient Arabian Nights story, what else could be?

The Bible teaches that our world is under the control and influence of Satan the devil, a former archangel who rebelled against God (e.g. 2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:2; Revelation 12:9). This explains the presence of so much evil and unhappiness in our world. We like to imagine it’s under our control and if we could only see a few sane men at the helm of their governments everything would iron out smooth. But looking over the vast course of history we see repeatedly one lunatic dictator after another, doing his best to reduce world population in the most painful way possible!

The profound influence of the devil on this world does not preclude God’s involvement in world events.

Why DO bad things happen to Good people? It is because Satan hates good people, and God is going to allow all of this to illustrate clearly that our sins spread like ripples on an undisturbed pond. What we do, even what we think, causes everyone some sort of misery. We must change our ways to have peace and tranquil, healthy harmony. I feel certain, when this story ends, we all will receive rebuke and correction, each of us will know we caused some of these troubles, and each of us must follow God’s Way to have peace. For the near future, Satan will bring us to the brink of human mass disaster. Only The Heavenly Father through Jesus the Christ can avert this tragedy, and the promise is, that is what they will do.

Psalm line 33:10-15 say: The Eternal looks from heaven, beholding all mankind; from where he sits, he scans all who inhabit the world; he who alone made their minds, he notes all they do” (Moffatt translation).

The tendency of human nature is to focus on the self, to behave as if the universe revolves around oneself. Thus blinded by vanity and self-absorption, individually and collectively, most people fail to see and accept that The Lord Our God is the ultimate authority in the affairs of humanity.

God monitors everything, and He sanctions every major and even many minor decisions and developments. This is one of the most hopeful, and reassuring truths a person can know.

As a writer I certainly must have made mistakes but God is even here watching me to avoid the worst of them, or help me correct my thinking before writing.

Fully one third of the Bible is devoted to prophecy. To discard prophecy is to discard one third of the Bible.

Because of past history, Orthodox Rabbis of “Rabbinical Judaism” are afraid to touch prophecy. This is to their peril. They refused The Prophets. They refused the greatest of them, the one who was tortured and died on a crucifix for their sins. They’re still refusing to study prophecy. Those who do study it are looked upon as mystics.

Of all the prophecy in the Bible, it is easily provable that the great majority revolves around the time we are currently living in and the months and very few years ahead.

Author and educator Herbert W. Armstrong taught that 90 percent of the Bible’s prophecy is for our time. Only a fool would disregard prophecy which reads like tomorrows newspapers.

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