The Prophesied Final Rise of Europe’s Most Devastating Power (pt 5 of 6)

Pt 5 of 6                                       pages 9 and 10

…. The second is the beast that has seven heads and 10 horns.

The third is the “saints” or “martyrs,” a group of people the “woman” lives to persecute and destroy. In every way imaginable, This “religious institution” is an  enemy of God!

Until those days Purple dye was scraped from the inside shell of a particular muscle (shell fish). It was very expensive to have and it was decreed only highest Roman Royalty could wear it. It was like wearing a police uniform. You can’t impersonate a police office and likewise you were not allowed to impersonate Royalty.

Revelation 17:4 says this “woman” is “arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls ….” She is conspicuously, outrageously wealthy, overflowing with material splendor. She is so covered with wealth they stops the eye and is breathtaking.

She figuratively represents the major managing body of a religion known and revered by people across the planet (see also verses 2 and 15 and Revelation 18:3).

The people of her “church” may disagree with her and her doctrine. They are not responsible for what she does. They in fact suffer with the rest of us. What this management body does is independent of her followers who receive her worship services (most of them on a nearly weekly basis.)

The scene in Revelation 17:3 of the woman riding, or guiding, the beast depicts a religion brandishing political power. Her “parishioners” don’t brandish power. The management body does.

Verse 2 says the “kings of the earth have committed fornication” with her. Verse 18 says, “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which

reigneth over the kings of the earth.”

So the woman is both a representative of a religion AND a city. It can be New York or Boston or Washington DC, nor Los Angeles. Not likely Mecca or Madrid.

This religion enmeshes itself (and has for centuries) with the affairs of kings and empires. It is arguably the top power player in international relations.

Revelation 17 is clear. This religion is incredibly wealthy; it has a global presence and influence; it is a potent force in politics and international relations; and it uses the beast to pursue its grim ambitions. Who and where can it be?

Now look at the beast it rides. Verse 3 says this creature has seven heads and 10 horns. Verse 9 says these “seven heads are seven land masses, or mountains on which the woman sits.”

In biblical language, a mountain is a symbol for a nation or kingdom (e.g. Isaiah 2:2-3). Here, each “head” signifies a distinct kingdom, or empire.

Revelation 17:10 reveals that these seven heads are also “seven kings,” or seven individuals, each ruling a nation.

What do the 10 horns represent? Again, Scripture reveals the answer. Verses 12-14 show that the 10 horns represent 10 kings, or 10 nations, that coalesce around and submit themselves to the superior king ruling over the seventh kingdom.

Let’s summarize the prophetic message of Revelation 17. This vision is obviously about a towering church management organization whose name and city name are synonymous. She is wealthy, imperialistic, ambitious—presiding over the rise of seven distinct empires, or kingdoms, each ruled by a specific king.

This woman uses her influence over each empire to try and destroy all who will oppose her or will not comply with her wishes and doctrine. She has indeed been busy for centuries killing the true “saints” of God.

If you read to the end of this book, you will come to appreciate how perfect this description of the Holy Roman Empire is. This is The Holy Roman Empire that is recorded and discussed in countless history books.

The Apostle John compares the Holy Roman Empire to a mountain range comprised of seven mountains. Just as yawning valleys separate mountains, there are valleys distinguishing these seven peaks, or resurrections, of the Holy Roman Empire.

These troughs mark a lull in the power and activity of the

Roman Catholic Church and Holy Roman Empire.  ie.

  • 1520 Habsburg Dynasty
  • 1805 Napoleon’s Kingdom
  • 1870-1945 Italy & Fascist Regimes
  • Today’s United Europe and its relationship to the US and England!

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