The Prophesied Final Rise of Europe’s Most Devastating Power

Part 1 of the book.    

This introduces the book by the similar title. This is not “just ancient history.” It is relevant to RIGHT NOW and to YOUR LIFE! I’ll give you the book free of charge at the end of this article. You should know this because without it, all of the future will be misunderstood, but if you understand, you’ll be ahead of the curve. You’ll know what to watch for and what to expect.

The Prophesied Final Rise of Europe’s Most Devastating Power — The Mystery Religion 

(It’s Already Affecting YOUR Life in Year 2019!)

Dr. Stephen Newdell, Editor

Like an impossible ghost from the distant past this monstrous power has returned to devastate our lives once again.

This booklet is based on notes from, The Holy Roman Empire In Prophecy by Brad MacDonald. This book is available free on this site and from its original source, offered at the end of the book.

The Great Changes in geo-politics seen presently are of course just the beginning of what is developing for all of us in the coming 5-years. Understanding what is happening  and will happen, will affect your ability to make decisions that provide greater wealth and security for yourself and your family. Stay with me and you’ll benefit tremendously.

the process of reunification. It will be the most powerful economic engine in the world and a military force with which to be reckoned. Even this November 10th the French President is “demanding” a European Army!

[French President Emmanuel Macron called for the formation of a European army last week. He said Europe needs this army in order to defend itself from China, Russia and the United States of America! Macron also praised a French Nazi collaborator, Marshall Philippe Petain, calling him a “great solider.” Then, during his Remembrance Day speech yesterday, Macron directed several putdowns at U.S. President Donald Trump.

“We will not protect the Europeans unless we decide to have a true European army,” Mr. Macron said on September 6 while visiting the World War i battlefield of Verdun. “Faced with a Russia at our frontiers that has shown that she can be a threat, we need a Europe that defends itself better alone, without just depending on the United States.”

Europe has huge, untapped military potential. An independent, united, “real” military could quickly transform it into the military combine prophesied in the Bible to rise in our times.  

Why is France suddenly turning on America? This is part of a broader trend throughout Europe that the Trumpet has been warning of for over seven decades. More:  ]

The Holy Roman Empire has made defining contributions to Western civilization—but its many reincarnations have also come with inhumanely  catastrophic consequences.

Today European leaders (whether the realize it or not) are attempting to unite the fractured continent of Europe by reviving the legacy of this extraordinary church-state combination. One of the great lessons of this empire is that it always comes back. There is always another resurrection. Bible Prophecy expected 7 (not four!) and the 7th is coming together NOW.

The Holy Roman Empire is not just a relic of history. It is aligning to be a central player in world events. A study into the nature and character of this towering institution reveals as much about the future as it does the past.

The purpose for this booklet is twofold. First, it aims to provide you with a glimpse into the immediate future of both Europe and the world by examining the history that is informing the modern revival of this church-state combination.

The second purpose of this booklet is to show how the history and Biblical Prophecy of the Catholic Vatican and the Holy Roman Empire reveal

God and the true gospel. Along the way this will help you make important future planning decisions about your business, your living location, your retirement planning, perhaps plans about a wedding, house expansion, investments, and anything else related to handling money wisely.

I say this confidently because you are getting a clear understanding of the future before it happens.

 I name the Vatican as the culprit causing much of the suffering in a primitive, agrarian, uneducated populace that was Dark age and Middle Age Europe. I have no quarrel with Catholic Parishioners, who had nothing to do with the crusades and would naturally vehemently oppose the terrible bloodshed of those days.

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