The Soon Return of Jesus (the) Christ

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Authored by several.

Cobbled together and Edited by Stephen Newdell

We are the unfortunate ones who must suffer with the taunts of the last days. We are the fortunate ones who will witness the return of Jesus the Christ to restore this world and remove the wicked who harm us.

 We were warned that a time will come when people would say, “Your kind, those Christian believers, say Jesus will return but, we don’t see Him. He is not coming back. Your promise is nothing.” You make trouble for us because you attempt to prevent us from living freely and enjoying your “human rights.”

Of course they’re wrong but they won’t believe they are until they see HIM amongst us.


No news story could be more shocking. No headline could be more spectacular than: Jesus Christ returns! … nor more ridiculed today.

  • Discover Why, When, and How YOU can know the signs of his imminent arrival
  • and what you must do to be prepared!


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This booklet has received complements from several friends and a now retired old famous radio and TV journalist who spent years with several US Presidents. He says often that I have an important message. I think my message is to repeat what Jesus told us!

They say I clear up confusion and get right the heart of the matter truth about Jesus and the Gospel He delivered. It is truly amazing how our population has been deceived. The Gospel Jesus delivered is almost entirely different compared to the gospel you’ve heard! It’s not a secret. It’s there in your Bible but, most people read it, mis-understand several words, don’t know what to think of it, and miss the most important points!

But not you! You will know the truth that Jesus imparted to us. It’s FREE (as it was in His time) and it’s yours. Just Download it and promise yourself you’ll read all of it.

The first few introductory pages are a bit scholarly. The rest of the booklet “lightens up” and is an easy read and we think interesting, informative, and most important of all, imparts the real message God wanted you to hear from the lips of The Savior, Jesus Christ.

 I wish you would download and read it, pass the link to more friends, and write back to tell me what you think of the piece when you’ve finished reading it.

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