The Thought For Today: 6.26.18 Our Veil of Tears

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Tuesday 6/26/18
Veil of Tears

Job 4:1-21
“Stop and think! Do the innocent die? When have the upright been destroyed? My experience shows that those who plant trouble and cultivate evil will harvest the same.” (Job 4:7-8)

Even the Good Must Suffer
Although God later rebuked Eliphaz for being wrong in his advice to Job (Job 42:7), not all Eliphaz said was in error. It is true that those who promote sin and trouble will eventually be punished. It is false that anyone who is good and innocent will never suffer.

Although Eliphaz had many good and true comments, he made three wrong assumptions: A good and innocent person never suffers; those who suffer are being punished for their past sins; and Job, because he was suffering, had done something wrong in God’s eyes.

Don’t Blame God!
What about you? Do you assume that everyone gets what they deserve? Do you see other people’s suffering and wonder what they did to deserve it? Do you experience your own suffering and wonder what God is punishing you for? Gains no glory from your suffering. We suffer because we all are sinful, born into a sinful world, into a sinful life, and committing sins from our first years.

Be careful in assigning blame when you see someone suffering or when you experience it in your own life. We can come up with explanations as Eliphaz did, but maybe God has something he wants to do in us or through us.

By suffering through our own personal veil of tears we are refined and made ready to be acceptable before God. Therefore, do not curse but rather be thankful that God is refining you and rejoice in all things. If your life has never had a difficult or painful moment you might seriously wonder if God notices or cares about you.

My Dear Friend, We have begun the final 7-years of The End of This Age and every one of us will experience pain and trouble. But be assured, God knows and is listening to you and watching you, and is concerned that you will give yourself to him and trust him wholeheartedly.

In earlier years preachers would say, “Give the reins of your life to God.” Now to make the picture clearer I must say it differently. “Get out of the driver’s seat. Walk around the car and get into the passenger seat. Let God do the driving. Be quiet, listen and learn from Him!”


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