The True Gospel Hidden In Plain Sight; REVEALED!

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 You’re in The Gospel Section and you’ll find articles and more links to booklets and books. Just take time to look. Download all you want free of charge.  Take note of this address. This Pastor is a good source of further information.

Depicts blinded Saul being led to Damascus
Saul Blinded On Road To Damascus

The True Lost Gospel Given to Us by Jesus (Our) Christ

Even within Christianity, there are a variety of different gospels: the gospel about Jesus Christ, the gospel of salvation, the gospel of grace, the gospel of the Kingdom, the social gospel, the Israel message—and many more.  It’s enough to confuse anyone. What indeed is the true gospel as was intended, given by God, to be spoken by and through Jesus the Christ to everyone?  

Explaining the True Lost Gospel Given to Us by Jesus Christ

132 pgs. I’m making a few English grammar corrections to this. If you can look past those, it has plenty to teach you._______________________________________________

2.  John Hagee explains THE THIRD DAY: 



Pastor Scott Ashley explains…>>The Gospel That Jesus Taught


Who Is JesusWho Is Jesus the Christ?


Science Proves God Is Real and THE CREATOR!

From Whom/Where Did God Come?    As PDF to download From Whom/Where Did God Come? Science Has Found Proof of God! Science Proves Life Was No Accident! Scientists Admit Life must be the Result of Intelligent Design Scientists Debate: How Did Life Begin? September 26, 2013 How Did Life Begin? –New Theory on the Origins … Continue reading

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn: The Meaning of the name Jesus!  video: ; 4minutes 38 seconds.  click the link

What Must I Do To Be Saved? >click!<

You’re ready. You want to DO something or Say or Pray something. You can do it right now, right where you are. click the dark red link and see how. 

Defining “of”: What does the Gospel “of” Jesus Christ really mean?

DEFINING “Of” Finding The True Gospel (This will clear away centuries of confusion. Please read this carefully.)  

This nasty, sneaky little trick has had MILLIONS confused about the gospel for centuries!

HEAR THE BIBLE  Holy Bible Audio Free To Listen

Free Download the Holy Bible as a Microsoft Word File; New International Version

Click this red link>> Notated -Holy_Bible_Entire_Edition_NIV 10.21.17


New Free Booklet — HERE

John 3-16 cover pic

The Soon Return of Jesus the Christ FREE pfd booklet

Four Signs the Return of

Jesus Christ Is Near


Who started this idea that the universe just fell together? It wasn’t Darwin! You’ll be interested to know the true answer and the mysterious story behind how the grand deception developed.

God Created Everything 

The pathway home.


We’ve been told the universe somehow came into existence out of nothing; and it all fell together by the actions of unexplained forces. That somehow gravity was enough to cause stars and planets to form and that life formed from multiple accidents. Where did this mythos come from and what proof do we have of its veracity?




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Final War At The Starting Gate — Download Booklet FREE

January 2020

Forgiveness: Finding Our Way Home To God’s Place For Us

Forgive 2

Forgiveness is a much bigger subject than most of us realize. I wonder, can YOU right this moment define the word forgive or explain forgiveness as the Bible teaches it? Can you define it as Eastern Religions teach it? Can you define the words as Psychologists define it.

We are told in several passages that we must forgive our enemies and pray for them. If we do not, we may never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It then would be very wise for us to finally know what forgiveness is, what it’s about, what is expected of us, and how we go about becoming forgiving.  MORE>>>

  1.    True Gospel Revealed From Hiding! GAFP-9.19.18   The True Gospel in detailed explanatory form. God’s Amazing Future Plans For YOU.
  2. Explaining the True Gospel Given to Us by Jesus (Our) Christ 132 pgs. I’m making a few English grammar corrections to this. If you can look past those, it has plenty to teach you.
  3. The True Gospel From God, Through Jesus For You quickly-explained
  4. DEFINING “Of” Finding The True Gospel  (This will clear away centuries of confusion. Please read this carefully.
  5. the-true-gospel-passed-from-god-through-jesus-the-christ-another-author’s-article/
  6. Be Ye Perfect….(?)    This is a lesson to help you understand what to do with the true gospel once you receive it.
  7. Are-you-already-born-again/

  1. END OF DAYS  56 pages A collection of articles explaining end times and the final tribulation. More About The booklet Here   
  2. End of the Age 1-About        End of the Age 1-pdf   
  3. End of the Age II, Codex For The End of The World  End of the Age 2, Date Codex  More information about this book and Free Download Link Here

  4. The Way Home
  • God’s modern promise to you for a happy eternity
  • A clear language explanation in the final years of this age
  • What God offers to those who see His truth
  • Successfully pass the most important test of your life!
  • “End Notes” Articles that promise to Amaze you!
  • much more....

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