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What Is The True Gospel “of” Jesus Christ?

This is the short direct answer with some important background.

You’ve heard a thousand times people speak of “The gospel OF Jesus Christ” and almost 95% of Christians really have no idea what that means. Some are so uncertain they imagine “Christ” was the family name — that Jesus was the son of Joseph and Mary Christ! (that’s confusion!)

Herbert W. Armstrong, years ago, wrote an entire book on the subject of the true gospel and claimed it was his greatest work. Actually, it drove me crazy. I was waiting for him to get to the point – and he sounded like an advertising man crossed with a circus barker through the entire piece.

But finally, I did dredge the point out of him and I’m going to give it to you.

The problem is the “of” and I’ll leave that defined at the bottom of this page. As you’ll see, most Americans don’t read, have never cracked open a good dictionary, actually do not know their own language because they cannot clearly define words, and couldn’t tell you what the word “gospel” and in this case “of” means if their lives depended upon it. (And actually their eternal lives DO depend upon it.) OK, enough chatter, here it is.

Gospel means “good news” and in this case “of” meant “from” and “related to” as in: a message given by The Heavenly Father passed to you FROM Jesus the Christ.  (It is better to speak of “Jesus the Christ” or more literally “Jesus the Messiah” or “Jesus Our Savior” because “Christ” means “the anointed one”). More specifically Jesus (from the Greek) was Ya’Shuah (or Joshuah) and means “God With Us.”  God with us, our savior.

Jesus several times explained that he did and said what His Father told him to do and say. Obviously then, this gospel (or “good news”) was not a story about a baby born in a manger and about his life and times!

The Message God gave to Jesus to pass to us was very direct and simple.

  1. No one can be perfect. Everyone has sinned and therefore the law requires, everyone is a criminal and must be punished. The punishment would be “outer darkness” or banishment from God’s universe. God’s universe is actually a dream! (That’s what the best theoretical physics tells us.) These words “outer darkness” are a poetic way of saying you get deleted from the dream, or dis-created and that is “The second death.”

As for eternal torment, that is not for you. That is “reserved” exclusively for Satan and his minions, so stop worrying about it. This is explained in The Book of Enoch. Likewise, the Catholic Purgatory is one of the most hotly debated doctrines. It’s highly unlikely anyone goes into “purgatory.” However, ancient Rabbinic sages believed some men could get up to a year of punishment during which time their sins would be burned off the soul. They thought women would be forgiven of everything. I don’t know their reasoning.

Jesus clearly said he will forgive those who BELIEVE what he tells them. We must change our ways to be more as God and the law told us to be Godly by keeping his commandments. Jesus replaced all the animal sacrifices with ONE FINAL SACRIFICE. The complete story is shocking! Jesus was God with us and he said so. God died and rose again to rescue you!!!

We are now (after Jesus died as the FINAL SACRIFICE) allowed to pray to God through Jesus the Christ. Before Jesus sacrificed himself for us the only way to reach God was through a High Rabbi/Priest in a synagogue.

Now we can pray and must beg for forgiveness of our sins. Only Jesus has been perfect. No one else ever has been. We all must give ourselves to God and stop trying to run our lives ourselves.

Trust God, give your decisions about your goals and purposes to Him and you’ll find it will be wonderful and you’ll be happy in it.

  • To be saved or “rescued” or “redeemed” you must pray to God, The Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. Confess your sins, and ask for forgiveness, and then
  • Affirm that you will do your best to follow the 10-commandments and keep God’s Ways.
  • It’s ideal if you do this publicly and then have a complete immersion baptism, which signifies that you spiritually died, and rose from your sins now clean. When John The Baptist and Jesus taught this, people took it extremely seriously. We should too. It’s the biggest deal of our lives!

 Fear God’s punishment and Love God in all things and Love Your neighbor as yourself, (treat others as you wish to be treated), Don’t lie, cheat, desire what your neighbors have and don’t attempt to steal what others have – NOTHING they have should be stolen! Leave him and her in peace.

There appears to be a universal law in action and God even mentioned it at least twice in the Bible. “Your sins will find you out.” They’ll catch up to you. If you harm others you’ll get punished for it one way or another. On the other hand, if you are charitable, helpful, loving, and kind, good blessings come to you as God decides to give them.

God is NOT your servant. The modern “prosperity doctrine” is not biblical. Don’t demand wealth and miracles. Just trust Him to be there for you in good times and bad. When things are very bad it is intended to teach and strengthen you, so pray and give it all to God, even be thankful because HE knows what is best for us even when it all looks impossibly bleak.

Okay, so what else? Let’s look at the Ten Commandments in brief form. These are God’s Commandments. Confess your sins, ask for forgiveness and hereafter do your best to keep these commandments.

Ten Commandments

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me. (“Me referring to The Heavenly Father Creator of everything. The best science proves God is real and did create everything.)
  2. You shall make no idols. (Don’t create images as paintings, photos nor in wood or stone or plastic and then imagine to yourself that they are powerful little gods! Don’t worship anyone or anything other than God, The Heavenly Father. We don’t worship Jesus nor Mother Mary. We are thankful for them and love them. But we pray to God through the name of Jesus our Savior/Christ)
  3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. (explained below)
  4. Keep the Sabbath day holy. (We still are expected to avoid work on the 6th Day of the week which is from Friday sunset to Saturday Sunset – unless you’re working to save souls as clergy would do, or rescuing an animal or a human. It really is intended that we should enjoy rest, study God’s Words, remember Him through the day, be thankful for what He has done for us, and avoid work for wages. This might also properly include spending the day with your spouse and/or family. Do your very best to avoid shopping, dating, and avoid gainful employment. Put your mind on God and His words. If you want Bible Lessons this site has several hundred of them! Free for you so please read this material. It’s cost me over a year of 12-hour days to build this website. The building continues as more articles are added every week, sometimes every day. Please read as much as you can of it. I don’t want your money. I just want you visiting here often.
  5. Honor your father and your mother. (I know that is difficult some days but do your best to appreciate them and love them for the good they did for you.)
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery. (Don’t have sex with anyone to whom you are not married.) Further, it is considered by most of us that you should have sex only with a human of the opposite gender. There are NOT 3, 4, or 24 genders. There are two! One in a thousand is born with a very mixed up reproductive system and even those people will admit by age 2 or 3 “I knew I was a …. boy/girl.”
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (Never lie! Don’t be a liar. Tell the truth always. Our society is so full of liars it cannot survive any longer. You be different. Be honest!)
  10. You shall not covet. Do not desire what belongs to someone else, unless it is for sale. Avoid the desire to take from your neighbor his animals, his wife or children, his home, his other belongings. If you want something, go make or buy it. Don’t borrow it without permission.

These includes don’t “borrow” or test/sample your neighbor’s husband or wife or children in bed!!! If you have that many problems about sex, avoid all pornography so you can begin to “get your mind cleaned” and avoid those who promote that effluent (they work for Satan whether they know it or not), and do a lot of praying and thinking instead!) 

So there it is. Accept that Jesus really was the savior for whom the world was waiting. He did fulfill all the commandments and prophecies. Believe his message to follow God’s Ways.

  • Accept him as your savior.
  • Follow his commandments,
  • confess your sins and beg for forgiveness,
  • do your best to avoid sinning and when you know you just did sin, again at least make an apology to God and try again to live as much a sinless life as you can. “Go and sin no more.”

And WHY should you do this? If you don’t do it, at the very least you’ll experience a 2nd death and you will be no more. It could be a whole lot worse if you believe the hell and eternal torment doctrine. I think that is an error.


Big Theology colleges corrupted the true gospel and that’s why I call it “lost” or “hidden”.  A very small population knows the truth that I’m about to reveal.

If you DO as I’ve explained you will become a citizen of God’s Family and of His Kingdom which is coming back to Earth. Our World which is such a horrid mess now will be transformed into a beautiful, peaceful, and wise world where everyone will be happy and free. Society will become just and decent as it has never been.


When you are adopted into God’s Family (as they say, the church is the Bride of Christ and is married to him) you are raised like one of his children and over time become wiser and more and more capable until You Shall Be Like God!!! You shall have the ability to do much of what God does and you will live in peace with Jesus as our just and loving King forever and ever. Great opportunities will be opened to you and your life will be happier than anything you can presently imagine.

Humans have proven they cannot govern themselves wisely. God will eliminate Satan and his minions and we will have a happy eternal life in His Kingdom forever.

That is the true Gospel FROM God passed to us through Jesus the Christ.

Briefly taking the name of the Lord in Vain means:  any use of God’s name that brings dishonor on Him or on His character is taking His name in vain. The third of the Ten Commandments forbids taking or using the Lord’s name in an irreverent manner because that would indicate a lack of respect for God Himself. A person who misuses God’s name will not be held “guiltless” by the Lord (Exodus 20:7). In the Old Testament, bringing dishonor on God’s name was done by failing to perform an oath or vow taken in His name (Leviticus 19:12). The man who used God’s name to legitimize his oath, and then broke his promise, would indicate his lack of reverence for God as well as a lack of fear of His holy retribution. It was essentially the same as denying God’s existence. More here:

To avoid confusion, here are the relevant definitions for the word “of”.

“of” The problem has always been that most don’t know how to define it and use it in this case. (Why didn’t I write “most people?” Because only people can read. I want to adjure/promote/strongly suggest/encourage you to learn to read and write clearer English.)

To reduce your misery here:  “Of” in this case means “As relates to.” or a Relationship. see 3.1  Expressing the relationship between… This is the Good News as it relates to, is connected to, comes from Jesus The Savior.”

Here is the definition from the Oxford English Dictionary. (As you’ll see, it can be confusing and that is why I have written that the message is God’s Message through Jesus passed to us. …And, by the way, the standing order is still that we should pass it on!)


Pronunciation /ɒv//(ə)v/


1Expressing the relationship between a part and a whole.

1.1 With the word denoting the part functioning as the head of the phrase.

‘the sleeve of his coat’

‘in the back of the car’

‘the days of the week’

More example sentences

1.2 After a number, quantifier, or partitive noun, with the word denoting the whole functioning as the head of the phrase.

‘nine of the children came to the show’

‘a series of programmes’

with mass noun ‘a piece of cake’

More example sentencesSynonyms

2Expressing the relationship between a scale or measure and a value.

‘an increase of 5%’

‘a height of 10 metres’

More example sentences

2.1 Expressing an age.

‘a boy of 15’

More example sentences

3 Indicating an association between two entities, typically one of belonging, in which the first is the head of the phrase and the second is something associated with it. 

‘the son of a friend’

‘the government of India’

‘a photograph of the bride’

with a possessive ‘a former colleague of John’s’

More example sentences Synonyms

3.1 Expressing the relationship between an author, artist, or composer and their works collectively.

‘the plays of Shakespeare’

‘the paintings of Rembrandt’

More example sentences

4Expressing the relationship between a direction and a point of reference.

‘north of Watford’

More example sentences

5 Expressing the relationship between a general category or type and the thing being specified which belongs to such a category.

‘the city of Prague’

‘the idea of a just society’

‘the population of interbreeding individuals’

‘this type of book’

More example sentences

6Following a noun derived from or related to a verb.

Example sentences

6.1 Followed by a noun expressing the subject of the verb underlying the first noun.

‘the arrival of the police’

‘the decision of the County Council’

‘the howling of the wind’

More example sentences

6.2 Followed by a noun expressing the object of the verb underlying the first noun.

‘the murder of the two boys’

‘payment of his debts’

‘an admirer of Dickens’

‘I am certain of that’

More example sentences

7 Where the head of the phrase is a predicative adjective.

‘it was kind of you to ask’

‘I am certain of that’

8 Indicating the relationship between a verb and an indirect object.

8.1 With a verb expressing a mental state.

‘I don’t know of anything that would be suitable’

More example sentences

8.2 Expressing a cause.

‘he died of cancer’

More example sentences

9 Indicating the material or substance constituting something.

‘the house was built of bricks’

‘walls of stone’

More example sentences

10 North American Expressing time in relation to the following hour.

‘it would be just a quarter of three in New York’

More example sentences


It is a mistake to use “of” instead of have in constructions such as you should have asked (not you should of asked). For more information, see have


be of

Possess intrinsically; give rise to.

‘this work is of great interest and value’

More example sentences

of all

Denoting the least likely or expected example.

‘Jordan, of all people, committed a flagrant foul’

More example sentences

of all the nerve

An expression of indignation.

Example sentences

of an evening (or morning etc.)

1 informal On most evenings (or mornings etc.).

Example sentences

2 informal At some time in the evenings (or mornings etc.).

Example sentences


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch af and German ab, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin ab and Greek apo.




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