The Way Home


  • God’s modern promise to you for a happy eternity
  • A clear language explanation in the final years of this age
  • What God offers to those who see His truth
  • Successfully pass the most important test of your life!
  • “End Notes” Articles that promise to Amaze you!

The Way Home

Dr. Stephen Newdell

A Servant of God (in training)

This PDF book is free of charge, Updated December 2019

This covers the basis of why we would even consider the Bible and Christian thought. The Bible proves itself to be true, and leads to mysteries revealed that completely mystify most of the people you know. When you understand, life becomes successful, clear, and the future is known to you before you get there. Most important, you’ll know God’s plans for you and the secrets of The Gospel even most professing Christians actually know nothing about!

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