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Predictions And Prophecies Before

His Return

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To know the world’s future you must understand the broad overview of what is developing. These several articles give you a clear picture of what really is happening now, today, in your life time. It obviously leads to the realization we are in the End Times, The Literal Actual return of Jesus the Christ is near. Click this red link to instantly download.  MORE ABOUT THIS ARTICLE

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A discussion about the current climate change charade.  state-of-the-world-and-predi (article)


Let me warn you right up front – the information in this article might freak you out.  If what some experts are telling us is true, a global food crisis appears to be inevitable.      Are We In The Last Days?


Has the major sign Jesus Christ gave of when
He would return already been fulfilled?


The world today is convulsing in dramatic, dangerous developments and events. A perilous and even deadly future seems to be unfolding. Many people are wondering: Are we in the “end time”?

The Bible prophesies that in the “time of the end,” the world will be engulfed by shocking, cataclysmic, violent events that will threaten the life of every person on the planet—and then, Jesus Christ will return.


The Holy Roman Empire, Kings of the East, South and North In Prophecy – WHERE WE ARE NOW

This is NOT old High School History! This is Prophecy coming true NOW in it’s final rise, affecting YOUR Life! Understanding this will help you plan your right path during these final years of the world as we have known it! (Do you get this? I’m trying to save your life!)   GO HERE FOR MORE

The Final Prophesied Rise Of Europe’s Most Devastating Mystery Religion


A Dark Force Has Laid Over Britain and Europe for Centuries.

Once thought dead and gone this evil spiritual remnant has germinated, taken root and is growing into a mighty tree again!

Discover how you can avoid the worst of terror coming to our world within these next 10-years.

Connect the prophesies to see how they point to The Mysterious Babylonian Religion, The Vatican and The United States.

The Prophesied Rise of Europe’s Most Devastating Mystery Religion

Iranians Promise More Attacks On US Forces 1.9.2020

The Iranians Are Promising More Military Action Against U.S. Forces
January 9, 2020
taken from notes — articles written by
Michael Snyder — TheEconomicCollapseBlog

Bible Prophecy intimates a skirmish in the Middle East followed by The Final War. I think this is the coming “skirmish,” but don’t sue me if I was wrong!

What in the world are the Iranians thinking? After President Trump decided not to respond militarily to the rockets that the Iranians fired at U.S. bases in Iraq, it appeared that a major war had been averted. People all over the world celebrated this unexpected turn of events, and global stock markets soared. But now the Iranians are changing their tune again. Instead of “standing down”, top Iranian leaders are warning that “harsher revenge” is on the way and that there will be more attacks against U.S. forces.   More:  Iranians-promise-more-attacks-on-us-forces-1-9-2020/

Understanding The Strategy (pdf download booklet)

Constitution on fireThis is not solely about politics; it is prophecy unfolding before us and an indicator of where we are in the “last days” timeline. You see the skies change and feel the weather change and you know the season and when it will be time to plant or harvest. In the same way, as Our Lord told us, we should see the signs of the times and know we are in the last days and soon these light weight tribulations will become worse.

Understanding the Strategy 

How the Political Left Intends To Destroy The United States Government and Replace It With a Dictatorship Guided By A Communist Constitution

AMERICA’S ENGINEERED MORAL COLLAPSE. Click the red link for more.

January 2020

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State of the World and Predictions





“We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.” Mikhail Gorbachev 

The dark forces of evil have long ago calculated that human will outstrip supplies and resources and finally, like so much pond fish or alga choke itself to a die-off point. However the truth is, in a modern world where resources are becoming scarce more people are avoiding marriage or in some way avoiding producing children. The world population actually has been declining!

More >>  State of the World and Predictions


bapho barbie 1
Barbie depicted as Baphomet, Satan. Is this a doll anyone should give to their child?

A Barbie doll made up as Baphomet! Do they have any inkling of what that monster represents? and….To top it all is a crucified Ken. So the woman has become Satan and the boyfriend or husband has been shamed and hung from a “tree.” The woman is superior, the man is an expendable slave. Can anyone doubt now, that we are in “the last days” at the end of the age? My Friend, This is the worst blasphemy I have ever seen.

To add insult to injury you can also buy Barbie as The Mother Mary!  This disrespect for the millions of Catholic faithful is too much for me. I know I’m just ranting but someone has to see and raise a protest, or boycott these “toys.”  See my display at this red link>>Barbie Baphomet? !


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