To Rescue A Dying Society in The USA

Stephen Newdell 6-10-2018

It appears to me the liberalists are finally being ground down to the heart of their issues and being proven wrong at every point. I will make clear why a few of their teachings are out and out lies.

  1. Men are toxic. Masculinity is toxic. Men should be altered – turned into little girls.
  2. Schools should not teach academics. They should teach children to get along better in society which includes differences about their religious views and discussing their sexual preferences.
  3. Honest economics has been labeled “evil” and the best answer is for government to control everything and call it “socialism”.
  4. Women should run the world starting in the USA

Just briefly I’ll tell you what I think.

If you try to turn a goat into a sheep or a zebra into a sweet little pony it won’t work. Nothing you can do will come out as you had hoped.

If you try to turn a real man, or a tough growing boy, into a woman or a sweet little girl you’ll end up with a very confused young man who might be inclined to pick up a rifle and in his confusion kill the wrong targets! YOU, the teachers and “psychologists” made him toxic. YOU poisoned him in your attempt to turn the boy into a girl!

Further if you let him live his life getting anything he wants without work, and tell him he can be anything he wants to be, and make an impact upon the world quickly and easily, you’ll end up with a young college graduate who can’t make a living. He gets started and after 6-months wants to quit because he discovers life is not fair, he is NOT going to “make an impact” overnight. It might take years, even decades! He is not a real man. His body says he’s a man. His mind says he’s an emotional crybaby neurotic woman. He has no way to identify himself in society. Worse, when he wants a lover the girls don’t want him and he might then find it more convenient to remain alone, or worse.

Now what you have is a toxic male. A man who isn’t sure who and what he is, is not comfortable about work, about his own identity, feels like a complete social misfit, “isn’t comfortable in his skin” so the expression goes. He has not “found himself” and he won’t until all the pseudo-psychologists leave him alone! ALONE. LEAVE HIM ALONE!

You’l never turn that child that God intended to be a man into liberalist girl. The more you try to force that effort the worse your problems will become. Likewise, woman who think they can change their man friend or husband into a girl will end up not with a woman in man’s clothing, but with a divorce. Allow him to be a man or expect all trouble to break loose! It’s not your place to run his life for him and the more you try the worse your future problems will become. It’s God’s place, not yours, to direct his path.

          He, being born male is not the problem. YOU trying to alter him is the problem.

  1. Schools should teach people to be good workers, able to compete in a world market place. We don’t need more actors and musicians, artists and interior decorators. They’re all good people and I like them, but they don’t create a product the world really needs. They may sell music and movies abroad but when we get down to essentials for survival people need food and shelter, not another movie.
    1. We need more doctors and engineers, and of course more people who can run a restaurant, a hotel, a dry cleaning business, build a house, repair a roof, and build the furniture you’re wishing for, after one of them fixed the car you drive. That’s what workers should do. And that means they should be able to read and write and do at least basic and business arithmetic properly and handle some statistical data so they can predict the needs of the business and put it all on a graph they can follow and apply to their weekly goals and plans.
    2. It is NEVER the place for a public school to teach religion or tell people what their sexuality should be. That is an effort to turn men into girls and girls into men and confuse children so much they are inclined to be involved with adults before their right biological time. The problem is not that the child is a child with biological drives. The problem is that YOU can’t leave the kid alone and let him/her grow up and build a future society. You feel it’s your place to meddle with the future and all of this meddling is going to destroy our nation!
    3. Neither is it right for schools to tell our young people that “free enterprise is evil” and then redefine small business as fascism. I’ll will explain a bit more clearly. Free Enterprise when you see it is the small business, run by a manager and 1 – 25 people. My father ran such a business and I learned a lot living in the midst of it. It could be a machine shop, a two man auto garage, the pizza shop, the dry cleaner, the small restaurant, the house builder, plumber, electrician, small boat or aircraft mechanic, a welder, a cabinet maker. It can be a clothing maker, an artist, jewelry maker, musician, or interior decorator. Those people represent Free Enterprise and they have no intention of conquering the world and no intention of corrupting the US Government either!

I guarantee if the government tries central planning over all free enterprise you’ll never get a plumber or a car repair or health care on time.

As for a good pizza? Fogetaboutit. 

I meet Chinese people who hate what has happened to Chinese society. No one has any heart or concern for others. Their entire lives are wrapped up in gaining money and satisfying themselves and the evils that come from this are more than I can cover in a 500-page report. Chinese Central Planning is a disaster hidden behind a curtain. When the curtain is finally torn down by the Chinese public their mistakes will be seen naked for the world to view.

     People with big bank accounts are not hoarding that money and keeping it from others. Anyone teaching that concept is a liar or an economics idiot. People with big bank accounts have the ability to control their money and if they have good God-fearing morals they’ll apply their wealth to develop more businesses that put honest REAL men and REAL women to work at decent jobs and reasonable living wages. They have the smarts and the money to do something good. If they make profit along the way that’s not bad. What they do with the profit might be good or bad but no one but they themselves can determine what they will or should do and few understand their true motives and plans, so criticism of them is entirely ridiculous.

Big Corporations with billions of dollars, if honest, are just huge free enterprise. But, when big corporations buy the favors of representatives, law writers and even law interpreting judges, they immediately are in the Fascist camp. Free Enterprise isn’t the problem. Corrupt people with too much money and greed is the problem.

  1. Honest economics should be easily understood. You cannot spend more than you have and if you want a loan there must be limits to be sure you can repay. If you take a loan the debt must be repaid in full on time. But what do big banks and government do?

They allow banks to loan out at very least 12 times more money than they have. This is a constant effort to inflate the economy and now after many years of this the USA is on the brink of economic collapse! The mathematics indicate the present situation is untenable. It will collapse because it cannot do anything else. The problem began with the government and the fat cats who started The Federal Reserve (which is neither federal nor a reserve. It’s a private banking cabal intended to extract as much money from the USA into the pockets of the fat cats as possible and then enslave the population under endless debt or dictatorship.)

The problem is partly with people believing their unreal expectations. They all believe they can buy a house that is too big and a car that costs as much as a small house and obviously they cannot do that.

Perhaps worse, they own a lot of “stuff” and have no health and life insurance. They don’t even have funeral plans and funeral insurance! They’re riding the train that falls off the track in Poverty City and there they will stay because there is no train running back to the place from which they came.

People should not seek to own so much. A Minimalist Lifestyle, though new to many people, is actually a better and easier lifestyle and certainly is more affordable. I recommend you type “minimalist living” into YouTube and see what you can learn. It will open your eyes and reduce your expenses.

  1. What if women ran the world, particularly liberalist, feminist women? Probably they would shake their finger at men like Kim Jung Un and get nothing but more screaming and complaining in congress. Meanwhile our military would lose all of its ability to defend the nation and those who want to take what we have would easily conquer the nation, take the material goods and farm land, run the factories or destroy them, and enslave the populace. If women should be running the world their great, great, greatest grandmothers should have been doing so 5 centuries ago. They did not because they either could not, or didn’t want to! Now is too late to try and such an experiment (actually being tried in the US military presently) is destroying our ability to deflect terrorists and dictator led armies.

So now you want the solution to the problem. Return God to the classroom and bring the Bible in as a required text. Teach law, civics, “home economics,” a little history, a LOT of math and related computer and engineering skills, change the hours of teaching to the same standards as found in Asia.

I presently live in The Philippines. Classes begin at 8AM and finish at 5PM. The students wear uniforms and learn to live by a strict code of good manners and proper deportment. A lot of influence obviously comes from The Roman Catholic Church. I see nothing wrong with this. We don’t have girls going to bed with young boys. We don’t have boys raping girls. We have young gentlemen treating young women as a lady should be properly treated. They work hard here, or go abroad and work diligently elsewhere. They have few or no financial guarantees from their government, thus they live an extremely “economical” lifestyle and save for their health care and retirement needs. Most use public transportation. They rent in smaller homes and stay out of debt. Most poor people don’t have a bank account and live entirely from the cash they earn. It’s a simple lifestyle, and can be criticized for being too simple, even primitive, but it’s a sure thing, the country is not hopelessly mired in debt. When the US economy collapses, which may happen sooner than any of us would like to imagine, small South East Asian countries will divorce themselves from the U.S. Dollar and continue to be self-supporting.

When things get really tough, people won’t stomp the ground and cry. They’ll find ways to pray together and help one another.




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