War With The Fallen Enemy

Rabbi Jonathan CahnWednesday, March 6, 2019

The Bible describes the enemy as one who has fallen.
Messiah speaks of seeing him having fallen from heaven. The Epistles speak of him being defeated by the power of Salvation. So for you, it means your enemy is fallen, and the fight you have to fight is with a fallen enemy.
How do you fight a fallen enemy? For starters, by realizing he’s fallen. When you’re dealing with your next problem, don’t panic, don’t get down, don’t get discouraged, don’t sin, don’t lose your peace, and don’t get bent out of shape. Keep your peace, keep your eyes on the Lord, stay confident, stand, and rejoice.
The good fight of faith is not about fighting enemies or problems, but is just that – the fight of faith. You fight with faith. You war by warring in faith.
In the natural, the enemy may look strong. But in truth, and in the eyes of faith, he’s already defeated. Start seeing Him that way. Start fighting that way. Fight only an already fallen enemy, an already fallen problem, an already defeated trouble. Because when you do that, you will win an already-won battle.
From Message #1140 – Cast Down The Gods 
Scripture: Ephesians 6:11

TODAY’S MISSION – Today, look at your problems, your conflicts, your challenges a new way – as already won – and overcome in that victory.

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