Ways To Prevent Getting Flu Virus & Keeping It Under Control

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This Article Updated March 15, 2020

Being as I’m a doctor and interested in health care issues and theology and  Bibleprophecy, I was sharing with a friend. She was saying she hopes the virus will clear away and the world will settle into peace and here’s my answer.

We’ll have a slow ramping up of trouble and I think after 2022 it will get MUCH worse. We’ll do the best we can to be at peace here in The Philippines, and you must do the same.

The masks people wear do little to block anything and a virologist MD on video said the mask really only prevents you from touching your face. I suggest; A scarf over your face is just as effective. Washing hands or using sanitizer is a good idea. Washing kitchen counter tops and tables with a mix of bleach and water is an inexpensive way to kill bacteria and likely many viruses too.

Preventive measures include:

  • Hand-washing
  • Disinfection of surfaces for fomites
  • Avoiding contact with bodily fluids
  • Washing the personal items of someone with SARS in hot, soapy water (eating utensils, dishes, bedding, etc.)[8]
  • Keeping children with symptoms home from school
  • Simple hygiene measures
  • Isolating oneself as much as possible to minimize the chances of transmission of the virus. Remain home as much as you can.
  • Helpful foods:  Baking Yeast provides B-vitamins and it’s cheap! Put a half tablespoon into oatmeal or even coffee daily. This will strengthen your immune system.  Many Asian’s live on white rice. Many are severely B-vitamin deficient. Don’t YOU be one of them. Also eat more eggs and chicken for the selenium. Take in more fresh vegetables and fruit. Stop drinking alcohol! Eliminate white sugar from your eating regimen. Drink at least 4 to 8 cups of filtered water daily.

Dr. Zhong Nanshan, the Chinese doctor who was involved with discovery of the SARS virus required everyone in the lab to  gargle 3 x/day with salty water. Bacteria and viruses cannot live in the salty environment. No one in the lab got sick.

I recommend in one of my articles to brush your teeth and gums with salt, (especially if you’re a coffee drinker!)  then gargle with it, sing a low note, and lower and lower as low as your voice will go and you’ll feel the larynx open and get a deep cleaning. This is one of the best ways to prevent all flu.

Naproxen Sodium is a safe, inexpensive pain reliever and muscle relaxes. A French lab discovered it also stops viruses from replicating! Do you understand what that means?

A virus is hard to define. It’s not quite alive but it’s not exactly only a molecule either. In any event it enters a cell and begins to self-replicate until there are so many viruses inside the cell, the cell bursts open and the viruses gush into the blood and do the same to more cells. It’s a terrifying thought.

Your body needs time to develop a mirror image of the virus, a sort of lock or covering that renders the virus inoperable and then the two locked together are picked up in the kidneys and washed out. Drinking more very clean, even boiled, water is a good idea during this time.

If we know something as cheap and simple as Alieve or any other Naproxen Sodium product will buy your body time to work its magic, then it’s a good thing to have plenty of Naproxen in your medicines storage cabinet. It’s a non-prescription item. 

If you feel a sore throat, a cold or flu coming take a 550 mg tablet of Naproxen two or three per day for a while. There is debate about how effective it is with or without food. It seems to make no difference. I can tell you it may cause discomfort on an empty stomach.

Look through my health section at www.HeavensWay2022.org for more helpful advice.

I recommend you take Naproxen with or just after a meal before bed and perhaps one in the morning. I use the 550mg size and find it very helpful.

I have been a fitness buff since about age 8 or 10 and now at close to age 70 I still like to do some exercise. When I do it, sometimes I’m lifting and I feel like “Superman” so I might do three sets of 8 – 12 repetitions; and then 3-days later I am soooo sore! I think, “Oh My Lord what have I done?”  Then Naproxen rescues me from pain so I can sleep and the next day I’m much better. Older folks can exercise but keep it in short bursts and lighter weight which can still have a very beneficial effect. If you’re clueless about this don’t experiment alone! Go to a gym and preferably a gym where the teachers there are familiar with the best exercise routines for people age 45/50 and older.

Vitamin C is still considered by some doctors to be an excellent addition to your food intake. Dr. Linus Pauling, the big name Vitamin C researcher said you can take up to (10) 1000mg tablets daily – which seems a bit excessive but it’s better to do that at home than in the hospital with an Intravenous drip!  Naturally if there’s viruses in the hospital you want to avoid going there for all reasons! Also, avoid the nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Just write or phone in to say hello to someone you know and love living there.

Finally, follow advice from the mainstream doctors. Avoid touching and kissing other people. No kissing church icons! Worship at home watching TV. Avoid going into a crowded church assembly. Babies and elders are more likely to get sick with this but “more likely” doesn’t mean 100% safe.

Avoid crowds if possible. If you’re going to the grocery store; go when you know the place will probably be sparsely populated. If there’s a grocer that will deliver to your home talk to their offices about sending a list via email and getting delivery to your home. They’ll charge a little for the service but I think it’s well worth the expense and of course it reduces your traveling costs and you avoid “trouble makers” too. (If you live in a big city, you know what I mean.)

I’m sad to write up any of this. The hard truth is, we may be looking at months of keeping ourselves under these restrictions.




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