What Is Passion Made Possible?

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What Is “Passion Make Possible” and How Can It Make A Better Future For ALL of Us?

Singapore is demonstrating tourism and business opportunities.

Singapore is boldly displaying a unique attitude and mental paradigm of enterprise and reinvention.

This nation offers a value proposition for innovation, and stands out on the international stage as one of the best places in the world to expand your business and find brilliant help to make your new products and commercial dreams come true!.

Passion Made Possible, is presenting a brand that can tell a fuller Singapore story and that will appeal to more sophisticated tourists who are seeking more aspirational value propositions in their travel.

Passion Made Possible articulates what the country stands for and supports the telling of many stories about our destination and Singapore’s people.

Singapore is making the shift from being primarily an investment-driven economy to one that will be led by innovation. In particular, local and international companies are seeking to create new products, services and solutions that will have a stronger impact in Asia. Many products created here will benefit the entire world.

 It is timely to send a strong and clear message to international companies. You can create new innovations in Singapore and turn possibilities into realities!

Singapore and Singaporeans are well educated and industrious. They are where they are culturally and economically today because they pushed the limits of what was thought possible, and did not allow imaginary constraints to hold them back. Consequently, taking your development ideas to Singapore can be like taking them to “another world” where new ideas and new thinking and development styles bring about great benefits at more reasonable costs.

In developing the unified brand, STB and EDB conducted qualitative and quantitative research with close to 4,500 respondents on what Singapore stands for.

Passion Made Possible was subsequently created “to capture the spirit of the nation in a way that builds affinity, affiliation and top-of-mind recall for choosing Singapore as a destination to visit and invest in.”

Contact The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) for further information.

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