What Will Happen To Europe and The Middle East?

Speculation About The End Of This Age:
What Will Happen To Europe and The Middle East?
Turkey has presented no objection as thousands of illegals cross out of Northern Africa and The Middle East into Europe. These illegals are not coming exclusively for economic opportunity. Many come to Europe as part of an invasion force sent by their Mosque leaders. They do not want to assimilate into Europe. They want to conquer Europe and foist their culture and ancient legal system upon what’s left of European people.
Behind the scenes extremely wealthy “globalists” who want a one world government, one world economic system, and one world religion blowing to Satan, are promoting and financing this move as part of a grand plan to finally destroy Islam and take over the world for their Satanic ends.
SN: We all talk about a “rapture” – a time of being taken to a place of safety – a parallel universe, The Heavenly Kingdom. The big question is when will this happen and no one knows. I think around the High Holy Days of 2018. Others think later. Some think it will never happen!
The “Woman” on the Beast, living a luxurious life, drunk with the blood of the true Christians she has murdered! Some say the woman is The Catholic Church, others say it’s the USA. The Beast is more likely the new European Union of 10-nations (still forming). I say the Beast is a political system including Europe and America, the old NATO countries. This beast is no friend to anyone. Meantime, we’re watching Germany. I think Germany is more important than Turkey.
also see YouTube: Still Report 1743
There have been “modern prophets” since the 1800’s who foresaw a terrible war across Europe with Germany and Russia in the mix. Neither Germany nor Russia will agree to a takeover of Europe by Muslim forces.
From here I want to refer you to this page and this website for further study. Go to their Literature tab (at the top) and then go to what they offer. Click from view dropdown menu to ALL and then to Subject and to Prophecy and download anything you want free of charge.
I’m recommending this article: https://www.thetrumpet.com/13891-mediterranean-battle-escalating-into-world-war-iii

Mediterranean Battle Escalating Into World War III!


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