World Headed For Economic Chaos: AMERICA Is Destined to Plunge Into Socialism

World Headed For Economic Chaos:

AMERICA Is Destined to Plunge Into Socialism

The Great Advantage you will have reading my work is, I take geo-politics and ancient Biblical Prophecy into account. While the rest of the economic analysts and pundits are reading candle-stick charts, attempting to determine what sort of gamble the other guys will make in this grand casino, I am looking at the broad picture and attaching it to what we understand are upcoming times of social and political trouble. The Bible indicates at some point between now and I’d say, year 2025, the world will plunge into Chaos.

The US economy has begun a slow collapse which will continue through the 2020‘s and I’m expecting after Mr. Trump is re-elected all the fun will begin!

Socialists will blame Trump for anything including the common cold and begin a very long continual campaign for their perfect candidate for the 2024 US election. They intend on a Communist America in 2024 and 2025. Their dictatorship will last only until the return of Jesus Our Christ, whom they deny ever lived! Oh, are ever in for a big surprise!

The math is quite clear. The difficult times we experience now will only get much worse, as they did in Venezuela! As “the recession” becomes grinding poverty and misery such as we’ve never known, their
socialist candidate will promise everything by having a
solution for everyone, especially the poor presently sleeping in the streets.

Of course in your dark imagination you know all of those street dwellers could be rounded up and imprisoned in the over 200 Haliburton constructed “army camps” which are very obviously outdoor internment camps, complete with railroad tracks running through them and gas fired retorts to incinerate the dead.

With the Communists in charge the dead might include anyone some of them consider an economic drag including, “special kids,” elderly adults, people who are chronically ill, mentally ill, unemployable, blind, older than age 63, Jews, Christians, violent Muslims, violent men home from war suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — it can be nearly anyone you can dream up!

These are not “correctional facilities.” They are undesirable people disposal facilities. Everything including the fly ash can be blown into box cars and transported to the great plain states or further into Arizona, and dumped there, covered, and never to be heard from again.

“Dying is easy. It’s livin’ what’s hard.” We have so many weaponized viruses and chemicals available to the American military now, 10,000 people can be put to quick sleep and death in an hour. They might close their eyes, lie upon their bed, and in the morning they’ll be cold and stiff. I think that is the plan and I’m not alone in this supposition.

The Socialists will promise unlimited social security, free Medicare, guaranteed pensions, housing benefits, and any other free requests that will win votes.

Anyone wealthy and still remaining in America will naturally be punished with egregious taxes. The propaganda will say we should all be thankful for this!

This Socialist candidate will be the ideal figure at the idea time. He will seem to be the perfect antidote for the Trump mental disease.

In his second term, if he is reelected, our aging and sometimes seemingly crazy Mr. Trump will be blamed for all the problems that have emerged.

It will be his fault that we have economic misery, poverty, hunger, and a breakdown of government services including social services, and that we have terrible trouble with international trade.

By that time there will likely be Chinese gun boats in the Caribbean blocking ship traffic at will, and doing the same across the major canals (Panama, Suez,) and major transportation “gates” like the Malacca Strait.

The CIA is already well practiced in creating revolutions. We will have their primary best revolt recipe leading to social unrest and crime, and the final waving hand above the waves. What follows I prefer to call “Social Breakdown” but the socialists apparently like the term “Societal Collapse” better. (The CIA is a renegade organization controlled by no one in congress. Mr. Trump once told them, “No one supports the CIA more than me.” Truth is, one of them would shoot him dead without any compunction if ordered to do so.)

They’ll of course say it was all caused by the mess left to us by Mr. Trump. Such a mess it will take at least 20-years of a steady hand at the helm of state to fix it. (Be patient. We’re working on it.)

Being the opposite of Trump in everything, the socialists will totally convince the Americans that they have the cure for America’s ills.

Like all socialists, (true “useful idiots” who never did understand economics) they don’t understand that socialism works until you run out of other people’s money. When they take over (probably in 2024), the US debt could be well more than $40 trillion.

Their only answer is more “quantitative easing.” More creation of money by adding a 50 and several zeros to the Federal Reserve’s accounting figures. All computer notations worth nothing.

They will spend tens of trillions of dollars or more on nationalizing a number of companies that are going under. Then they’ll say they’re keeping those employees working, so thank goodness for their salvation!

They will also dramatically increase the spending on Social Security pensions, and Medicare. But of course more older, sickly people will be disappearing and more infants will be dead before birth, leaving fewer “useless eaters” to support with all of this fiat/fake money.

The mood in the world in the early 2020s will lead to socialists taking over in most countries. When people are desperate, they will see the socialist/communist promises as the only solution to their miseries.

At that point, the media, which is almost exclusively socialist, will support the socialist cause, and the propaganda machine will hail socialism as the solution to the world’s economic difficulties.

Socialist theories of deficit spending, combined with direct government ownership, will be hailed as the solution to the economic problems, of the US, the UK and all of Europe.

Thus, climbing debt will continue rising at an exponential rate. My Bible interpretation of prophecy tells me people will be for sale at such low prices a lunch in a better restaurant would cost more than a person. Yes, and young people will be shipped to anywhere for a price because life doesn’t matter and humanity has no other value than the monetary price that can be placed upon it.

Just as right now, a very slim few are even interested to self-discipline to read Bible lessons and learn the truth, in those years no one will listen
to the argument that it was debt that caused the problem in the first place, even though it will be impossible to solve a debt problem with more debt. Nor will people learn take heed of historical precedents indicating socialism, fascism and communism are all three faces of the same cube and none of it has ever been successful for any country.

Rapidly rising deficits and debts will lead to increased global currency
debasement. All currencies will fall against real money, which is gold and also against silver, and against barter-able items like medicines, first aid products, soaps, tools and food.

Currency debasement will lead to high inflation, which will be rapidly followed by hyperinflation just as we have witnessed this year 2018 and 2019 in Venezuela.

Eventually central banks will be forced to raise interest rates. Business, unable to borrow money will grind to a halt.

The coming insolvency of governments and businesses, combined with money printing, will lead to a collapse of bond markets and a rise in interest rates. All of it availing nothing but more disappointment of hope brewed in a barrel of fermented lies.

Local banks, desperate to make their accounting look better, will force more families into homelessness thereafter claiming the house as an asset. (It is in fact without inhabitants maintaining it, a deteriorating asset, destined to be valued at a minus number while it is being torn down.)

Central banks will lose their manipulative powers due to the sheer weight of debt, most of it bad debt. US rates at that point will be likely 15% or more.

A US debt of $40 trillion in 2025 at for example, a 15% interest rate would amount to a $6 trillion interest bill. At that point AT LEAST 100% of US tax revenue would be used to pay interest. But with the economy under severe pressure, total tax revenue at that point would have reduced dramatically.

The only solution would be to attempt to buy more time by printing more fake money!

More money printing will lead to higher deficits and higher debts with higher interest rates and more defaults – and ultimately hyperinflation just like we saw in Germany 1919 – 1923 and in current Venezuela. The same has happened in several other European and South American countries too.

Current developments in Venezuela are a preview of what to expect on grander scale in America. Venezuela had all the great opportunity in the world! They were getting rich on oil and could have improved shipping and industry and become a “Singapore of the Atlantic!” Instead, the socialists President turned it into a Banana Republic socialist hell on earth. We can expect the same for the United States of America probably by the mid to late 2020s.

In coming articles I’ll describe preparations for this coming event, where you should be, what you should own, and whom you should contact for more help and advice.


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